close up of Remington typewriter hammers

A pattern is emerging. It’s a new year, it must be time to check in with that website that I haven’t done anything to for…um…12 months. And then I slip into the vortex of choosing a new theme, tweaking my ‘about’ page, adding a site icon … and before I know it, three hours have passed. Why doesn’t time pass that quickly when I’m writing? or teaching? or on yard duty? Especially when I’m on yard duty. But it’s a whole week before I have to put on my teacher disguise so let’s not dwell on that.

Here I am, back again.

Hmm. In the title of this post, that was a question, not a statement. Would that be cynical-me casting aspersions (and possibly some nasturtiums) at my resolve? Or is it dubious-me who wonders why anybody would bother reading my drivel (and would actually prefer it if you didn’t)? Well to prove dubious-me wrong (I can’t do anything about the nasturtiums) here’s something that you can take from this post that you might not find elsewhere on the internet, courtesy of my next-door-neighbour Ces (who got it from his wife, Shirl, who has never been to the internet):

when you make damson plum jam, always count the number of plums you add so you know how many pips to remove at the end and nobody will break any teeth.

And also – before I wrote this post I thought it was ‘nastertiums’ so we’ve all learnt something today.

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