Kancil at Museum Gajah

Jakarta: Museum Gajah

Flat traveler in front of elephant statue outside the National Museum

Kancil at the National Museum of Indonesia

I finally got to see the Wonoboyo Hoard at the National Museum of Indonesia today. It’s an incredible collection but ¬†photos are not¬†allowed, unfortunately, so you’ll have to come and see it for yourself.

On my way into the museum I picked up a Flat Traveler all the way from the 14th century (the out of focus, ghostly look is intentional). Kancil has agreed to come to Sulawesi with me and share her thoughts about the 21st century along the way.

BTW – the elephant statue behind Kancil was a gift to the Government of Batavia from the King of Siam in 1871. I had a bit of trouble explaining where the National Museum was to the taxi driver and when we finally got there he said ‘Oh, Museum Gajah!’ So, if you want to see the Wonoboyo Hoard next time you’re in Jakarta, ask the taxi driver to take you to the Elephant Museum.

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