How to make a zine

I was speaking at a teachers’ conference recently about the IndonesiaZine project and there were a lot of questions from teachers about how to make a zine. So, I thought I’d post a ‘how to’.

First up – this is not the only way to make a zine! It’s just what I found worked in the workshops I’ve run in schools.

you’ll end up with a zine that looks something like this:

2016-03-16 08.45.15Well, maybe with a bit more text on it.







Step 1: set up

Start with a 5-page document in MS Word or similar. Or start with 5 blank A4 pages if you want to go freehand.

  • Page 1 is the back cover
  • Page 2 is the front cover
  • Page 3-4 is the centre spread

All of these pages will end up being reduced to A6 size so use big font – 24 point for body text should be about right.

  • Page 5 is the fold out. It will stay at A4 size so this is a good place for a comic, a longer article or a photo-story.

Step 2: create content

Fill your 5 pages with brilliant ideas.

Step 3: resize

Reduce pages 1 to 4 to A6 size.

The easiest way I’ve found to resize in MS Word is to choose the ‘layout’ menu in printer settings then select ‘4 pages per sheet’ and print.

Step 4: layout

When opened out flat, the orientation of your first 4 pages should look like this:2016-03-16 08.43.34

So if you’ve resized in MS Word, you will need to cut the page in half along the short edge and flip the centre spread. I’ve tried making MS Word turn pages upside down but it won’t do it for me – if you figure out a way, I’d love to hear from you.

Step 5: publish

Print page 5 then photocopy it back-to-back with the covers and centre spread page. Fold in half along the short edge, keeping the front and back covers facing you. Now fold in half again, keeping the front cover facing you.

Congratulations, you have just made a zine!

By the way…

If you would like me to do a zine-making workshop at your school or arts organisation, you can book me through Creative Net Speakers Agency. For more information: